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  • Subatra Krishnasamy

    December 29, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    Which interviewer do you think you would work best with? Why do you prefer the leadership styles, roles, and traits they demonstrated? What combination of leadership style, role, and trait would be best for the following business situations?

    I would work best with the CEO as they demonstrated a transformational leadership style which would be the style I am most agreeable with. This is because transformational leaders motivate by increasing self-efficacy in employees, by facilitating social identification within a group, and by linking organizational values to employees’ values. This allows employees such as myself to feel more determined in their work and feel empowered.

    A company with routine and unskilled job functions.

    For some routine and unskilled jobs, however, an autocratic style can remain effective, where the advantages of control outweigh the disadvantages. The advantage of this style is that it leads to speedy decision-making and greater productivity under a leader’s supervision.

    A company with dangerous job functions (toxic waste handling or heavy equipment operation).

    Bureaucratic leaders work “by the book”, ensuring that their staff follows procedures exactly. Leaders strictly adhere to the organizational rules and policies. Also, they make sure that the employees/team also strictly follows the rules and procedures. Promotions take place based on employees’ ability to adhere to organizational rules. Hence, this is a very appropriate style for work involving serious safety risks

    A company preparing to disrupt an existing market with ground-breaking technology.

    A democratic or participative leadership style would be suitable because this type of leadership drives discussion and participation, it’s an excellent style for organizations focused on creativity and innovation—such as the technology industry.

    A company preparing for an IPO.

    Task-oriented leadership focuses on achieving goals. Task-oriented leaders delegate assignments, set clear processes and issue deadlines to ensure all team members remain focused and deliver their part of the project within the designated time. Managers who use this style develop a structured workplace with clearly defined priorities and schedules.This would assist the company in preparing for an IPO