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  • Karen Xaviour

    December 27, 2021 at 10:56 pm

    A research design is a blueprint or plan for the collection, measurement and analysis of data, created to answer your research questions. Issues relating to decisions regarding the research strategy (for instance experiments, surveys, case studies), the extent of researcher interference, location (the study setting), the level at which the data will be analyzed (unit of analysis) and temporal aspects (the time horizon) are integral to research design.

    In any research, the importance of research design cannot be neglected and thus, research design is the blueprint of the intended research. No researcher can disregard and overlook the significance of research design. After hypothesis is formulated, a researcher has to formulate a suitable research design. The important step in the formulation of research design is the selection of a suitable methodology and a guideline to proceed further. It clearly means the exact nature and character and course of the entire research work in a systematic manner and includes the structure of entire research work. Research design sketches out the entire research plan of sampling design, observational design, statistical design and operational design. Thus, it fetches researcher to organize his ideas with available time and money in a well planned framework. It illustrates about the entire research plan.