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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    December 27, 2021 at 5:06 pm

    The deployment of cyber-physical systems such as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems is part of Industry 4.0. There are 4 four distinct technological advancements which are High-speed mobile Internet, AI and automation, big data analytics, and cloud technology are . AI and automation are predicted to have the greatest influence on employment figures in the global workforce of these four technologies.

    In sectors such as AI, IoT, robots, cybersecurity, and many others, there is a shortage of the requisite skills, abilities, and expertise to implement Industry 4.0. This are the challenges that need to faced in industry revolution 4.0. So to adapt to this in future, we should be prepared in few aspect such as invest in education and training , choose the right digital tools , join digital revolution. If we didn’t adapt to this new changes, we are not updated.