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  • Ida Farisha Binti Meor Alim Shah Shah

    December 26, 2021 at 10:43 pm

    Part 1

    Working remotely might not be everyone’s cup of team but I believe a successful remote team needs to be a combination of multiple personal traits. My MBTI test reveals that I am INFJ-A. Which means if I am a manager, I need my team members that is rigorous, motivated, reliable and honest. I dislike micromanage but I will empower them to think and act independently.

    As a manager if I was asked to form remotely working team and given the luxury to build a team based on the MBTI – I would choose based on the following traits:

    Team Leader: INTJ (The Mastermind)

    • Competent, not chatty and will carry my instructions until completion. Will provide support to team members and since they have high standard – they will empower team members to give the same.

    Team Members comprised of:</div><div>

    1) ESFJs (The Provider)

    – They will bring harmony to the remote team and make sure works completed on time

    2) INFJs (The Counselor)

    – They are committed, organized and decisive and able to come up with creative solution

    Why I choose this mixture:

    Virtual team without Extroverts will be boring. Working virtually needs mix of I and E. The team leader needs someone that makes decision rationally but everyone in the team need to have a good judgement when dealing with a problem especially in my line of work.

    Part 2

    My OCEAN test result [1]

    • Open-Mindedness (Your percentile: 59)
      You typically don’t seek out new experiences.
    • Conscientiousness (Your percentile: 93)
      You are very well-organized, and can be relied upon
    • Extroversion (Your percentile: 69)
      You are relatively social and enjoy the company of others.
    • Agreeableness (Your percentile: 57)
      You are neither extremely forgiving nor irritable.
    • Negative Emotional (Your percentile: 5)
      You probably remain calm, even in tense situations.

    Based on my results, if my working settings will be changing to strictly-structured physical workplace setting – I think I will be OK with it although I prefer working from home.</div><div>

    But people with high N or low A values will find it challenging to deal with this change and they might reject this new environment. The higher people O value is – the more open they will be in environment change. Extroverts will enjoy to be able to see and have physical connection with people again. And the team will benefit if people with low C come to office to work since this group of people needs to be monitored and helped with their work.


    [1]] https://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/results/?o=69,69,69&c=69,94,100&e=75,81,44&a=63,81,75&n=19,6,25&y=1980&g=f