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  • Jaya Bharat Chebrolu

    December 26, 2021 at 10:23 pm

    What are some of your favorite TV ads? Why? How effective are the message and creative strategies? How are they building brand equity?

    The Pizza Hut Delivery add: This is especially true of Pizza Hut in India. Pizza Hut India practices a strategy of localization that has appealed to and attracted many local consumers. As age demographics shift, fast food is becoming increasingly popular. With these changes within the country, Yum will continue to experience success. Their aggressive expansion strategy has allowed the company to enter the Indian market through strategic alliances with home companies.
    Yum Brands placed Pizza Hut within the Indian market as a franchise business. This franchise situation has become very popular within the market. As entrance barriers are eased, Yum and their 13 partners are easily increasing the number of restaurants within the country and taking advantage of the ever growing fast food industry within these borders. The company has decided that merely relying on franchisees will not create enough of an impact for their aggressive expansion strategy. Through the task of opening their own Pizza Hut Restaurants in India, Yum intends to increase revenue. Home delivery was a driving force for success, especially for Pizza Hut and Dominos. Competitors started to look for new methods of increasing their customer bases. Their marketing strategy in the past has always been to be first. One of their main strategies, which they still follow today, is the diversification of the products they offer.
    Pizza Hut is always adding something new to their menu, trying to reach new markets. Pizza Hut has always valued customer service and satisfaction.

    The goal of the company was to create loyalty among its customers. With customers being loyal, they would return again and again. They would also be inclined to recommend the restaurants to friends who would in turn do the same. In order for the strategy to be successful, the customer experience had to paramount, and the information gathered from the surveys put into action to better the process. A bonus plan was put into play for store managers which were tied to the value score received from their stores patrons. The combination of higher incomes and dual-career families result in less time in the home, therefore less time to cook food at home which makes me feel good about this ADD.