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  • Ida Farisha Binti Meor Alim Shah Shah

    December 26, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    <div>*putting my thinking cap on..hurmmm*

    Yeap got it! For me hands down – the best TV ads ever goes to Petronas festival ads. May it be Hari Raya, Deepavali or Chinese New Year. Every year during any of the above festivals – I will be eager to see what Petronas will come up with. And I have to say, I was never disappointed!

    Petronas ads if you noticed, it will always have one common theme – celebrating Malaysia as a multiracial country. It will always features certain elements of our rich yet diverse cultures, may it be the languages, the actors/actresses hired for the ads, the clothing or even the food featured – Petronas always embrace the fact that our differences is what unite us together.

    In terms of the effectiveness, I bet my classmates can back me on this – Petronas TV ads always leave an emotional impact on its viewers. Not only that their ads delivered a clear message but because their ads always invoke viewers’ emotions – it leaves a long lasting impression. Their ads may not prominently features the Petronas logo or even aggressively persuade its viewers to purchase its products but because Petronas manage to trigger viewers’ emotions -it has successfully build a bond with its customers.

    Positive impact that Petronas Ads successfully conveyed to the viewers also contributes to how the viewers see the brand. The heart-warming ads that captures hearts of its viewers, successfully created an impression that Petronas is a family-oriented brand that cares about its customers and truly Malaysian. All of this at the end – creates a positive brand attitude and enhance their product desirability.

    My fav Petronas ads is definitely this one. 11 years later – I still remember every scenes to this day!