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  • Stefanie Ng

    December 26, 2021 at 3:27 pm

    Benefits and challenges of having a diverse workforce:
    • Organizational diversity brings together people with a wide range of experiences, educational qualifications, age groups, and backgrounds in one place.
    • Benefit of organizational diversity is individuals get to learn lots of things from each other. In IS case, employees having diverse experience based on their age and cultural background. Young talents are generally keener on upgrading their knowledge as compared to older employees who are used to status quo.

    Individual biases:
    • People tend to connect with others who share similar interests, experiences and backgrounds.
    • In IS, we might see several social grouping such as Baby boomers, Millennials, whites, foreign nationalities.

    Steps to take to foster an inclusive organization:
    • Individuals from different backgrounds and experiences can also sit together, brainstorm ideas and reach to better solutions benefiting the organization.
    • Organize teams which has various age groups (ie; Baby boomers to work together with Millennials for a project).
    • During festival seasons, everyone can bring their cultural delicacies and have a gathering at workplace. This can introduce people from different backgrounds on their own cultures so everyone is also familiar with others

    How to maintain and enhanced all-inclusive organization:
    • Leaders need to ensure everyone is given the same level of opportunity in the company regardless of age, race, gender.
    • Rewards and incentive plans need to be similar for everyone. Merits should be given based on performance and not seniority or race.

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    • This reply was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by  Stefanie Ng.