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  • Stefanie Ng

    December 26, 2021 at 2:01 pm

    Information to collect for sound data driven decisions could be various sources such as:

    1) Employee opinion surveys, cost benefit analysis done on existing department

    2) Feedback gathered from customers, channel partners, suppliers, and investors

    3) Comparison of Cost benefit analysis of existing team structures vs. proposed structure (Site location analysis etc.)

    4) External consultants data from other similar companies

    5) Engage IT vendor/provider on new infrastructure and technology issues

    6) Assess risk and impact to business

    Implementation: The centralization of Finance and HR (no jobs lost, but increased specialization and responsibility).

    • Key objectives: standardisation, consolidation,reengineering and automation.

    • Educate employees on the benefits of centralization: Centralization brings down support function costs (e.g. IT, finance, HR) and ‘Back office’ perception, Improvement of standardized systems due to converged site, Reduction of duplicate work across sites, sharing best practices, Skills specialization & wider responsibilities

    • Engage stakeholders, clearly communicate on changes to work scope, provide relevant training

    • Leaders to encourage enlarged team to work towards common enlarged team’s goals

    Implementation: The de-centralization of the heretofore separate product departments (break up of existing teams, reforming new teams, and new reporting relationships).

    • Lay out and communicate new organizational chart (ie; new departments, new leaders, new teams) and provide time for teams to familiarize amongst themselves

    • Ensure all are aware of transition plans, new team structures, deliverables, performance targets

    • Organize planning of knowledge transfer (work shadowing, and post-transfer role support)

    • Now that teams are separated, encourage knowledge sharing between all teams on a monthly basis to share best practices (eg; cross department team building activities)

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