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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    December 23, 2021 at 10:48 am

    The reason companies take the time to determine the effectiveness of HRM practices is due to a lack of coordination between employees and HR leaders. The HR and the organization continued to rehearse inefficient human practice in the organization and were reluctant to change. Also, HR personnel that is unskilled in the company might impact the HRM efficiency.

    Yes, I do believe that the company should be concerned to evaluate their HR practices for business development. Measuring HR outcomes is all about determining whether HR is delivering the outcomes necessary for the business’s success. It should involve several assessments such as employee satisfaction, the engagement between the employees and the organization, and also training and development, job location, working time, job responsibilities, and how much value a job adds to the organization.

    By evaluating HR practices, the people working in the HRM function will get an appropriate selection process to hire the right candidates for the job positions, to get on the right formula for turnover issue, a proper exit interview process to understand why experienced employees choose to leave the company, learn to design a proper appraisal and compensation system that recognizes and rewards the workforce and also to provide the right training and education needed to enhance the performance of the employees.