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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    December 22, 2021 at 3:50 pm

    My most favorite TV advertisement has already been the festive advertisement that were director-ed by the late Yasmin Ahmad. Most of the time Petronas will commission her and her team for their festive advertisement. Her advertisement always have a subtle meaning that really hits the spot and makes your stop and think.

    One ad that really hits me is this one for Petronas – Chinese New Year ad for the year 2006.


    This is ad. The ad is very simple and consist of one scene only. It starts of at an old folks home where a group of elderly ladies are having breakfast together and chit chatting. The topic of the conversation if of course their children. Each one of them comparing how good their child is working as doctor, lawyer, etc. and earning a lot of money. Then there is one lady that tells that her son is doing fine and coming to fetch her today. Shortly the son arrives in an old Proton Sage with his wife and kids in tow and they came to take her on a trip to Cameron Highlands. The scene fades of with the other ladies still seated at the table feeling flabbergasted.

    As a child growing up and working, this is surely something that almost all of us can relate to where parents will talk and compare our success. But the strong message in that advertisement is that is not about material wealth, it is about the efforts to spend time with our love ones.

    Although this advertisement is commissioned by Petronas it does not feature it’s products or it’s services explicitly. But shows that Petronas is really understanding the community and the issues it faces. Inexplicitly shows the Petronas as a caring and part of the community brand. The ads has become some sort of a cult following where audiences always look forward to the next festive ad by Petronas thus boosting it’s image and brand presence as well.