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  • Pavala Malar Nadan A/L Mariappan .

    December 21, 2021 at 9:14 pm

    In my previous employment, I was leading an IT call center team. Due to the nature of our job, punctuality is very crucial because we cannot allow the phone lines to be “unmanned”.

    There was this new staff, Bryan who recently joined our call center and he always late for his shift, which means another outgoing colleague have to wait for him to login before this colleague can logout. Almost daily, Bryan will be late for more than 15 minutes and sometimes up to 30 minutes. This leads to dissatisfaction between colleagues in the team.

    Besides that, I also receive feedback from other colleagues that Bryan is very hot tempered and risky to work with him as his actions are unpredictable. According to other colleague’s feedback, Bryan seems to get triggered for silly reasons. Example, he allegedly almost lands a punch on another colleague’s face because his favorite football team lost a match.

    Since this is a call center, it is extremely important for colleagues to collaborate with each other and demonstrate team player spirit, so I personally view these events very seriously.

    By using the guidelines for performance feedback, I would have done the following:

    Create the right context for the discussion: For this situation, since this is the initial meeting to discuss about this matter, I would have chosen an informal type meeting environment. For instance, there are few tea stalls in front of the office. I would have invited Bryan for a tea and start the conversation by highlighting to him the impact to the team due to his lateness and the feedback from the team in regards to his anger issue.

    Focus on solving problems: The reason I chose informal meeting format is because I would like Bryan to be comfortable and be open to vent off his feelings and thoughts. I would have first need to understand what made him frequently late to work. From here, probably I can suggest to him few possible solutions in ensuring he is punctual to work moving forward. (ie: change in working hours, transport alternatives, time management suggestions etc). I would have also reminded him that it is important for him to be a team player and it is critical for him to be on time to work.

    Secondly, in regards to his anger management issue, I would have proposed to him to make use of Employee Assistance Program (EAP). EAP service provider offers professional assistance who may be able to render support to control his temper.

    Minimize criticism: As much as I wanted to comment on Bryan’s attitude and behavior, I would have minimized criticism as this might be the last thing he would want to hear from me at this moment. However, I would have reminded him that one of our responsibility is to maintain conducive working environment for everyone. I would have reiterated that his actions may impact feelings of team’s wellbeing, workplace relationships, collaboration, efficiency, and colleagues’ health.

    Agree to specific goals and set a date to review progress: Even though this is an informal meeting, I would have obtained his commitment to fix his both punctuality and anger management issue and would have set another meeting appointment to follow-up on the progress of this discussion.

    By comparing his progress from time to time, I would be providing feedback frequently in order for Bryan to improve where necessary. Besides that, I would have ongoing, collaborative performance conversations with him to assist him to focus on work and assist in accomplishing team’s goals.