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  • Lik Wai Toh

    December 18, 2021 at 7:40 pm

    I have got Guardian as a result. It’s not surprising to me as most of the population are under this category. There is various type of test in the market to test for personality and behaviour. I have another test here <https://basadurprofile.com&gt;. You can try and understand your own Profile to capitalize on your strengths and find

    Every year, we can try to retake the test. However, you might be surprised to see changes from one category to another. I think this is due to your personal growth and change. For example, when you join an organization as a junior, maybe you tend to be a follower. Still, when you grow and promote to become a manager, your personality will also change.

    I think the behaviour test can provide you with a reference, so you understand yourself, but the test result will not give a solution to help you change to be better.

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