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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    December 16, 2021 at 11:09 pm

    Every year during Raya, CNY, Deepavali, or Merdeka, I always look forward to watch Petronas Ads and Malaysia Airlines Ads. The message have a positive effect on me as I grew up. Petronas convey a positive value and message in every storyline. Back in 2005, the title of the Ad was “Kasut”, released during Merdeka. The story is about a man, born with only one leg. The simple question by a stranger (young boy), “How long have you used that special leg (fake leg), uncle?” and he said, “Yes, son. It has been too long and I have walked too far with it”. Before he left, he told the kids, “remember, when you walk, walk forward, and never backward”. The message to the audience was, our struggle teaches us lessons that help us grow. Simple, heartwarming, touched yet very motivating.

    Another product is Milo which I can remember the most due to the tagline. “Minum Milo Anda Jadi Sihat dan Kuat”. The catchy words attract me since I was a kid. I notice most of the Ads were featuring kids which I believe is the target market. Sunsilk Ads in 2005 portrayed a woman with a scarf for their shampoo for the first time. It was such a brilliant strategy, targeting women in the scarf. Rather than focusing on the normal usage of shampoo, the Ads storyline focus on the smells that are beneficial to their target buyer which is women who wear the scarf.

    With all those positive messages, heartwarming storyline, catchy tagline, focus on the benefit to the target buyer, those brands has created vibes and experience through their Ads that attract consumer to continue purchasing from them over the competitors who make similar products.