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  • Jessy Ng

    December 16, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    A company should definitely be concerned about evaluating their HRM practices, and the evaluation should ideally be conducted from time-to-time (per annual or per quarter) to make sure that it is aligned with the current business and population, as a company often has turnover and dynamic changes on the business direction and social environment.

    There are multiple important reasons that causes companies to take time to evaluate the effectiveness of their HRM practices. First main reason is that effectiveness of HRM helps to improve and maintain the performance of the business. By constantly evaluating, companies can also determine whether their current HRM practices are suitable for the company and whether or not it is credible enough to promote the company’s competitive advantages. Internally, by evaluating and making sure that the company is on the right track in terms of HRM practices, it helps to ensure that the skillset and development of the resources/employees meet the requirements of the company.

    In the perspective of the HRM function, evaluation of the HRM practices is important so that the team can work on effective utilization of the human resources in the company. For example, evaluation of HRM practices to confirm its efficiency helped to make sure that the skillset of the employees are meeting the requirements, then it is easier for the HRM function to work on talent management and internal recruitment. With that, the company is bound to create and maintain good working relationships among all employees.