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  • Ishwinder Singh

    December 16, 2021 at 9:44 am

    It is vital for HR goals to align with the overall goals of the organization, so that the HR, business, and strategy department are all on the same page. When we are able to combine the two ideas and achieve best practices and best fit, we are practicing what is called Strategic Human Resource Management.

    HR practices involve the strategic operations of HR. They form the foundation and guidance for managing the company’s employees and should coordinate with the executive business plan. Some example of HR practices include:

    • Setting the mission and goals of the HR department

    • Planning, organizing, and managing the HR department

    • Measuring the effects of programs

    • Creating programs to improve the quality of the work environment

    • Developing talent and future leadership

    Conducting motivational programs

    • Working with management for ongoing performance evaluations

    • Overseeing employee advancement opportunities

    As we delve deeper into some of the best practices HR can adopt would be training and development. It is best practice to invest in training and development opportunities to improve the current workforce, focus on skill- specific training and realize the value that young workers place on learning. As industries are advancing at an ever-increasing pace, we can support and encourage our employee to grow as well, keeping them more engaged in their work and the organization.

    Second, best practice HR can adopt is evaluating their employee benefits. The best benefit plans take a strategic approach to accomplishing company goals and retaining great employee as well as ensuring employee understand their benefits.

    The benefit of HRM is that it will be able to identify the training and development needs of the employees in order to fit in with the company wide business strategy. By continuously learning, employee will be able to keep their skill up to date and bring valuable and innovative ideas back to the company.

    HRM has many benefits when HR function is put at the heart of the organization. HR management encompasses everything to do with people, therefore it is vital to the success of the business.