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  • Bachevinder Singh A/L Param Singh @ Bob

    December 11, 2021 at 11:34 am

    Mass Marketing is a strategy in which organizations appeal to all the market with one offer or one strategy, ignoring the market segments. It supports the idea to send the message that will eventually reach many people possible through radio, television and newspapers. I my opinion, I would say that mass marketing is dead, and it is fundamentally being replaced with niche marketing techniques.

    Best examples explain why mass marketing is dead such as a mobile phone manufacturing company if markets its phone to all mobile phone users and potential mobile phone users then it is mass marketing. Thus, a seller gets engaged in producing, selling, and marketing a single product for all buyers. On the other hand, identifying a market, then making various classifications into the market on basis of any variable like age, income, race, gender etc. and then marketing to a specific segment is known as segmentation. Such as if the above mobile phone making company classifies the whole market on basis of income and target and market only the segment which earns high income and belong to high income group and designing marketing strategies accordingly is segmenting and targeting. Nowadays we are witnessing many and huge numbers of suppliers in each industry doing segmentation marketing thus we can say that mass marketing is dead.

    Although there is still a small room for mass marketing, but it is also losing its grip. In the current scenario, marketing has been changing rapidly. Now, TV advertisement, radio broadcasting, full-page ads are no longer enough. People currently do not watch TV often, buy newspaper, listening to radio as all the info can be obtained online (social media). The marketing universe is transforming and reinventing itself. There are thousand number of products, brands, mediums available and it becomes difficult to market your product effectively through mass marketing.

    Various reasons nor arguments based on which we can say that mass marketing is dead especially due to huge flow of information via digital marketing (internet). Today people most likely make the decision by hearing from friends, experts, online ratings, or their own research. Another reason is technology advances whereby Google has already disrupted the traditional model of advertising, they have revolutionized the advertising model where advertised are only charged on a pay per click and all the response rates are measurable as well, unlike traditional media. Technology is evolving very rapidly and there are huge advances in data collection and data mining. It will be critical that marketers use this data wisely. The data can effectively target audiences with more accuracy, which will ultimately make it better for everyone and make a greater effect. Rise in social media such as all the big players Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc., large number of people use social media connections and guide to buy the products. Me myself sometimes bought online goods from those who advertised in Facebook.