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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    December 4, 2021 at 2:37 pm

    I would like to share an experience about the work conflict which involved my new manager. The team previously had a manager there was in the role for 2 years. However he decided to leave the organization to pursue outside opportunities. He was replaced by an internal promotion by a person that was an individual contributor and promoted to be a manager to lead my team.

    From the beginning itself, the person did not have an interest in getting to know the team better nor getting to know each team members strengths and weakness. He uses authoritative method to distribute work to each of the team member even though it was not their forte or subject matter. For example, my role is Learning and Development and I am a trainer but was assigned task involving assets management.

    In dealing with this situation I first spoke to the new manager explaining to him regarding my role and my strengths. However it did not resolved the issue and was told to “just do the work”. In my organization we have a channel called skip-level where by we are able to contact our manager’s manager to share our grievances.

    I spoke to his manager about the situation and he viewed the matter seriously. Skip-level is a good channel to have in any organization for employees who have an issue with their manager or that their manager is unable to address to seek a higher level of intervention.

    The rest of my team also used this skip-level approach and later on the manager has rotated out to a different role and a new manager was hired.