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  • Leonard Robinson Chin

    December 4, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    I would like to use Pandamart as an example of the product differentiator. Pandamart is a grocery store where it else fresh produce such as fruits & vegetables and daily household items such as beverages and biscuits. But what is the main differentiator of Pandamart as compared to it’s competitor of other grocery stores (such as KKmart, Speedmart 99) is that Pandamart operates on the concept of a darkstore. Darkstore is a physical store that only provides online transaction. Although there is a physical store available, you would not be able to walk into the store to purchase items but utilized the online ordering channel and delivery service. Pandamart does not have a store front for walk-in customers.

    During the pandemic period, I choose to get my groceries via Pandamart as it is more convenient. For conventional groceries stores, you would have to queue up due to the restrictions in the number of customers allowed in the store. I have experience it took nearly 2 hours to queue before being allowed to enter the store. With Pandamart I am able to shop from the safety of my home without needing to stand in line for hours outside (increasing the risk of infection) and have the groceries delivered to me at my home.

    Now, it might come to mind that other groceries stores also have delivery service however Pandamart being a dark store has its advantage. For the conventional groceries store they receive countless numbers of visitors a day and when there is an infection occurring in that store they would have to close for 14 days (as per guidelines during MCO 1.0). As Pandamart is a darkstore, only the workers are allowed in to the premises thus lowering the possibilities of it closing. i have personally experience the grocery store nearest to me (Village Grocer) closing numerous times during the MCO period as there is an infection case.

    Based on the PESTLE analysis, the differentiator that Pandamart offers is fitting on the environmental conditions that was faced by the public during the MCO period. Pandamart is really popular during the pandemic that this concept has catch on to me even now that restrictions has been lifted, I still choose to purchase my groceries via Pandamart for the convenience it provides and the safety is offers me as compared to buying groceries at a physical store.