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  • Logan A/L Govi

    December 3, 2021 at 5:12 pm

    Recruitment simply means, the action of ‘enlisting new people’ and it can be internal recruitment or external recruitment.Internal recruitment will be most preferable by company due to the cheaper and faster to fill the position.Also on same time will bring loyalty among employees through internal opportunity. While external hiring can helps organisation to explore new ideas and the way doing things.

    Strategies related to high levels of competition would be best supported by internal recruitment, since losing employees’ knowledge could hurt the organisation. There
    would likely be evidence internally if employees are committed to the organisation. Strategies that require constant change and innovation would be better served by external recruitment

    In my opinion, most common organisation looks for external recruitment only when they had the challenges to find the right skills for the non entry level positions and most usual the external recruitment will be for entry level positions while most organisation highly recommend to internal recruitment that help boost employee confident with company for career development.