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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    December 2, 2021 at 11:22 pm

    The Uniqueness for every business’s product and services is called differentiation. Every business has their own identity, design, segment targeting, value and etc.
    Their different strategies is the key factor that will give an impact to their business segment.

    Some company, they are focusing on the pricing instead of quality. But the other company, they are focusing on value and quality compared to low price selling. This factor will be my indicator which will affect my purchasing power. Let me give an example of my buying habits. I will only look at the quality compared to value. Sometimes, you can get the same quality with an affordable price.

    Let me take an example of buying mineral water. Two brand that I would like to compare is Spritzer and Evian. If I have an option of buying mineral water, I will go for Evian instead of Spritzer. The reason is the quality of the water itself. Before I try the product, I always make an assumption that Evian is offering higher price. But after I consume it, actually the quality of the product is worth on the cents that we spend on it. Evian has a more recognizable taste of very hard water and mineral rich. It is not only a water but indirectly it helps to moisture your skin. And you can taste the sweetness of drinking a “sky juice”. Therefore, the difference of this brand is actually the quality that will impact on customer purchasing power. In addition, their packaging is also attractive. The marketing strategy is success where they are not selling the water to quench your thirst but the company encourage people on drinking a hard water for health and beauty.