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  • Yee Mei, Rachel Chan

    December 1, 2021 at 11:22 pm

    Well, there are different means(methods) of differentiating products and services. They can be grouped in horizontal, vertical and mixed differentiation. You need to make your products and services stand out from your competitors, which is why you do differentiation. There are many reasons and advantages that you can be benefit from differentiation.

    In vertical differentiation, to review and excel among those in the same level as your product or services. In this same level, how to distinguish your products or services from your competitors thru quality. However, for horizontal differentiation, it is a contrast. Looking at the same type of product or services with the same price or same quality, the differentiation is harder to classify. It is based on individual needs or preferences. For mixed differentiation, it is a combination of vertical and horizontal differentiation. I think it goes back to the first question: what is the product or services.

    Normally for food or drink use horizontal differentiation as it is hard to do a vertical differentiation because it depends on people’s preference such as coke or pepsi. It is hard to differentiate and yet both brand are still very strong and both very challenging.

    As for vertical, different people will select based on different price or quality that they want, and these also come with the price for the quality they want. Measurement that people use based on price or quality. Branded T-shirt vs generic T-shirt, people choose based on the quality and their affordability.

    Like complex product or services using mixed differentiation, for example car. People can be selecting based on certain needs such as 7 or 8 seater car and thus looking in MPV range of products. From the MPV cars models available, some may prefer the models with the better safety feature or color range or from maintenance cost view , warranty and etc.
    Mixed differentiation would be the best choice for me because provides more values to the decision that I made. With the research finding and the pro & cons finding, I can decide better and trust that I made a good choice then. No regret, worth of the money spent and within budget…these kinds of feeling are great.

    I bought serena MPV when I was having my 3rd baby. We went from the normal sedan car to MPV as I prefer to have more space instead. Also, with the thought that parents, other family members, or friends can join us along during travel. We were selecting from the range of new MPV models to recon cars. Finally, based on all different critieria, we ended buying new serena. It was worth buying even after 5 years now.