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  • Saiful Bahtiar Mat

    November 25, 2021 at 12:46 am

    I learned that I am a Guardian. Since there are 4 guardians, I believe I might fall under Providers or Protectors. <div>

    This test can be used as one of the tools in employee development, however, I trust the personality result will change based on time, environment, position, and challenges that the employees have to tackle every day in the organisation. Based on this argument, the employee should take the test again, say once in every 3 years to see the changes.

    The disadvantages that I can see are:

    1.Employees do not take the test seriously which will impact their personality result

    2.Employer might think that the employee is not suitable to take certain task based on the profile result thus impacted the promotion

    3. Manipulation of results if the employees are familiar with the questions hence the result is no longer genuine.