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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    November 24, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    I managed to get to know myself after going through this test.
    Based on the result, I notice that I am a practical person; follows the rules, and cooperates with others.
    My opinion is, this test can be a basic personal test for recruitment selection to fit the role with the candidate’s personality. For example, if the job requirement requires someone talkative then HR can filter whoever matches with it. For the existing employee, this can be a cross-reference to their performance and job role if they get a promotion or job transfer. Other than that, this instrument helps HR to plan and strategize job development for the employee such as training, up skills programs that match their preference and personality. Usually, the employee can contribute their best when their personality fits the role well.

    The disadvantage is perhaps the inaccuracy, results are too AI-oriented, and no human judgment is involved. Not everyone will answer those questions with honesty especially if she/he desperately wants to match the job requirement. It could impact the result’s accuracy. Let say HR uses this instrument as a screening basis for recruitment selection. The instrument is Artificial Intelligence that does not have an emotion or human judgment towards the candidate. Many people have a mix personally where they can be extrovert or introvert at the same time based on the situation. Humans react differently to different situations. That’s how it supposes to work. With this instrument, I believe HR shall consider having additional screening methods to get a wider candidates selection that suits the job. On the other side, the additional method may open an opportunity and fairness to everyone.