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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    November 23, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    To consult Informational Systems in implementing the organizational change, I would follow steps in Kotter’s Change Management Theory, and for this, I would require supporting data on work load of Finance and HR, their overhead cost and efficiency. To confirm this, I would also do an interview/questionnaire depending on the size to get a balanced view from both side. To implement this, I will get the management specifically and whole company in general to agree with this exercise by creating urgency top down from board meeting and cascaded to town hall sessions.

    In order this exercise can be initiated, I will get a team consist of top and middle management as well as regional key players to be set up as steering committee and assist the process.

    Our proposal is to centralize the roles and functions of Finance and HR, and at the same time keeping the same headcount, by shifting their roles and responsibilities thru rebranding them as Finance and HR Business partners, working closer with delivery organizations.

    Another part of our proposal is to realign product departments by restructuring these teams based on regions for a smoother governance, compared to current customer segmentation.

    Together with the steering committee we come up with a proposal for the change and get the management approval, then we will make clear the plan throughout the company.

    There will be some challenges from regional as well as central throughout this exercise, further short sessions with the concerned employees to get them onboard and understand the bigger picture will be the additional task for the steering committee.

    Potentially challenging situations and persons will be identified in the earlier part of the journey, based on gathered data as well as questionnaires/interviews.

    We will set a feasible short and medium target for the whole company strive to achieve and celebrate these wins to increase the moral boost. These shirt and medium targets can also be used as the tool to help guide the change momentum throughout the company.

    Finally we will set these changes as the corporate culture via direct, open and conclusive communication throughout the company, starting from the management and pass back the steering to the IS Management Board.