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  • Jessy Ng

    November 23, 2021 at 4:48 pm

    Research design is a plan drafted out to answer the research question, and in order to execute the plan, research methods are used. When a researcher plans out the framework, direction, and research methods to be used suitable for the study in a research, it helps for a more systematic and effective approach.

    The design of a research can be either qualitative, quantitative, or mixed. Quantitative research design uses variables like numbers and statistics for data analysis, while qualitative research design focuses on discussion of theories and experience findings. Within each research design, the 4 main characteristics need to be included: Generalization, Reliability, Validity, and Neutrality. However, in order to have a good research design containing these characteristics, researchers need to choose what is suitable for their specific research, from these 5 major types of research designs: Descriptive (e.g. theoretical based case-study, observation); Correlational (e.g. data collection, testing of new measurement tools); Experimental (e.g. field experiment, controlled experiment); Explanatory (e.g. literature review, focus groups); and Diagnostic (e.g. investigation of underlying cause of a certain condition or phenomena).

    To conclude, research design is very important for the whole strategy planning and management process of the research, ensuring that the study moves forward in the right direction without deviation.