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  • Jessy Ng

    November 23, 2021 at 1:08 am

    To identify product differentiation, we usually look at aspects such as the product itself, the branding, packaging, labeling, product support & warranty, and the pricing.

    In considering which aspect of the product differentiation have the most impact on my choice, the example I’d like to use is sofa. Nowadays sofa can be bought from both physical shop and online and a decent 3-seater sofa’s price ranges from RM600 to somewhere nearing RM10,000. Of course, every consumer has their own preferences in sofa according to their house and lifestyle. So as for me, the first thing I’ll look at is the product itself. E.g. A fabric 3-seater sofa which is water resistant and preferably scratch resistant, as I have a cat at home. Here, the product differentiation comes into place, if the seller uses water & scratch resistant fabric for their sofa, they stand out in the market of sofa sellers.

    The next aspect I will look into is the product warranty, followed by the price. I will be looking for a sofa which satisfies my requirement, with the longest warranty period available, and yet reasonably priced.

    It is most important that a specific product fulfills the requirement of the consumers. It could be the functionality of the product being different from others, like a videographer wanting to get a smartphone with great camera. Smartphones having cameras are basic, but perhaps one that has great stabilization for video taking would stand out among the others. Product warranty and pricing stands equally 2nd in the list because of the same reason, cost effectiveness.

    To compare brands that excel in the 3 different means I discussed earlier, I would say Xiaomi being one that excels among the market of digital electronic products. As an android user, we believe that Xiaomi digital products, especially the smartphones, are designed to fulfill the unsatisfied need of the iPhone users. They have good products, satisfying warranty period and services, and is one of the cheapest brand among the same market of digital electronic products.