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  • Qairul Muzzammil Kamaruzaman

    November 22, 2021 at 12:20 am

    Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR 4.0) is a big shift on how industrial operates itself. With the advancement of Internet, networking, digitization of data storage and processing, it has become easier for a large amount of data to be stored without the need of physical storage by individual/organization, where a third party storage service provider, either public or private provide this storage services for these data.

    As the data itself is an important source of information, which can be reused back to organization’s process in order to improve its performance and output. As this process can be programmed to run automatically, this whole process has become self-taught, or in more popular terms, artificially intelligence.

    Automation not only focus on car manufacturing plants running with TIG welding robots dancing in tandem while assembling cars up parts by parts themselves, it is also occurs in cleric jobs and on the pc jobs.

    Such examples are a ticket being created automatically when we sent an email to internet service provider (ISP), asking about service outage in our residential area. As the ticket being processed, there’s automatic email sent to us mentioning that our email was well received, and in their queue for support.
    On ISP side, as the ticket generated, the senders information, home address, contact number etc. are automatically updated in the ticketing system, for faster assistance by service agents.

    Service agents themselves may not have full knowledge of the whole network design/requirement/knowledge, only provide support and assistance by a set of information that can be found in their knowledge bank, and their roles does not require in depth skill on network.

    This jobs, what we can see becoming more and more currently, from customer support for banks, telcos, credit cards, satellite tv providers, all are using the same format, a Generalist.

    There may come a time where the generalists role will become redundant and ended, as earlier mentioned artificial intelligence has coupe up with human’s progress, where it can perform what current Service Agents are capable off. You can see this happening right in front of your eyes from the chat support in some of the brands websites (albeit in its early stages).

    With IR 4.0 accelerating business and economy, although the monetary benefit will come to the businesses, the actual job available for workers will shrink, which means that not only the cake become smaller, only a few will be able to enjoy it.

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