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  • Subatra Krishnasamy

    November 16, 2021 at 11:45 pm

    mass marketing is not dead and is still valid, there are brands that are so generic that they are able to cater to mass market and that It focuses on a big portion of the targeted audience. Majority of companies use this strategy to create a brand image or to introduce new products in the market. Companies need to hit as many people as possible to get some return. Companies also uses mass media to spread the undifferentiated message of the product. One such product is Mcdonalds, this fast food chain caters to all kind of consumers from young children to senior citizens, from families to friends gathering,hence this company uses mass marketing strategy as their product is not catered to one specific set of audience, they have to attract as many people as possible to buy their products, based on how successful Mcdonalds is, it would seem that mass marketing is still valid today.