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  • Lik Wai Toh

    November 15, 2021 at 9:08 pm

    Moving into the digital world, more organizations have started to outsource the recruitment function externally. There are some advantages for recruiting externally, such as cost-effectiveness and process acceleration. An external recruiter has its networking in the labor market, and it’s easy for them to search for suitable candidates. Besides that, the external recruiter will be based on the organization’s requirement to filter and select qualified candidates. Therefore, it will accelerate the hiring process.

    On the other hand, the organization will also have an internal recruiter, which will help the organization with training and promotion. Also, Some of the organizations will use an internal recruiter to promote the organizational culture to their employees. Furthermore, the internal recruiter will also work with the external recruiter to understand the hiring process and outcome.

    These days, an organization will usually have both internal and external recruiters. Having both of the teams in the organization will be flexible for management to leverage the work. As discussed above, an organization might need internal and external recruiters to work together to achieve the common goal.