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  • Maizatulziah Modin

    November 15, 2021 at 10:53 am

    There are two main concerns that I could understand from the situation given. (1) The change shall not impact the employee, which means no job losses. (2) Form a new department from the existing team.

    Based on the two concerns above, I could say that the best model to be implemented is ADKAR Model.

    Let’s see the process model that can help to justify the decision-making.

    1. Current – the existing structure of the company

    As a lead, I should thoroughly look at all the possible needs and requirements of change. Then, to bring the necessary needs (i.e employee feedback) to be part of the change.
    In this case, there are two requirements, to centralize Finance and HR due to reduce duplication job function and to decentralize the existing team.

    Both activities refer to Awareness and Desire (A and D)

    2. Transition – to prepare and perform transitions to the new structure
    In this case, to retain existing workers and avoid job loss, the appropriate training or re-skill shall be conducted to help existing workers cope with the new role and organization structure.

    This phase is to look at those possibilities to drive the change and ensure that employees participate and understand. It is also to incorporate the change regularly.

    All activities refer to Knowledge and Ability (K and A)

    3. Future – the new department, role, and structure

    In this case, the new team has formed while Finance and HR merged.
    Once the transition happens, it is to keep the new changes and policy reinforced and implemented. It shall continue to support employees and organizations (i.e training, upskill) to ensure no one is left behind, to cope and adapt to the new structure.

    The activity refers to Reinforcement (R)

    Those processes stated above which are referred to as ADKAR can help to decide and go through the change management process with minimum risk (employee lost job, employee skill).