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  • Soo Kheng Han

    November 15, 2021 at 10:44 am

    Hi everyone, my name is Han Soo Kheng. You can call me Hance, some people spell it as Hans. I was born and grew up in Teluk Intan, Perak. Happily married with no child yet.
    I studied hotel management and graduated with a BBA degree major in Marketing. Started my career in hotel golf resort and casino resort. My first sales work experience was in shipping industry, from thereon I have always in sales line. With some part time experience in property industry, I found my passion in real estate industry which I have been excelling since joining property developer companies. Currently I am a Sales Channel team leader in R&F Development S/B, project based in JB town next to CIQ. Starting next year, I will be joining a new company called Infinity8, a start-up co-working space company, as business development manager.

    I enrolled MBA mainly because I want to upgrade my education level, enhance personal development and for career advancement. Next year onwards, I aim to contribute and build the start-up company into a market leader in the co-working space industry, in term of space availability and market share. I believe Strategic Decision Making and Management will help me to be more successful in the future which the knowledge and understanding how to apply in real life situation, utilizing the correct skillset to solve problems, and apply comprehensive business strategies to maximize productivity and profit.