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  • Pub Hon Low

    November 15, 2021 at 9:04 am

    Government intervention refer to the policies that they applied and the state aid or subsidies which they provided to the organization.
    For example, many countries are encouraging the automotive company to produce Electrical vehicles for environmental care. In order for this goal, the government provided subsidies such as tax reduction/exemption for the company to reduce the product pricing. Also, the government also need to come out with strategies such as complete the infrastructure such as charging point, electricity consumption rate, etc; within the nation wide so that the buyers can utilize the product without further concern.
    For the consumers, their interest usually focus on cost saving and the user experiences. It need to be considered when they change from a Fueled vehicles to an electrical vehicle, which cost they can save such as fuel consumption, the maintenance fee, the cost of the product itself. Also, when come to charging the car, it need to be convenience for the owners, sushi as self-charging equipment, public charging point.
    As for the companies, they have concern as well which is the cost of development for the new technology in their electrical product, and their company strategy in balancing the non-electrical vehicles and electrical vehicles.
    Overall, we can see the Malaysia government has also implemented the same policies like other nations in the world. However, it is not quite successful where we still can see the lack of infrastructure built to support the consumer to purchase this kind of product. Also, even the price of the car reduces, the maintenance fee and the sub-equipment needed for the car still consider high-price compare to the transitional vehicles. And I think this is the main point the the government should focus on.