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  • Mohamad Yusri Bin Saidin

    November 14, 2021 at 10:30 pm

    With the recording, hiring manager and HR personnel can replay to check when there is any disagreement during evaluation and also analyze in details of many factors including the experience, skills-set, achievements and behavior.

    It may be most useful method at the screening level, where the recruiter can re-validated before shortlisting the most suitable candidates by replaying and comparing. Especially when the recruiting process are happening in more than a month duration and many candidates met the requirement, recruiter may not be able to recall to compare the first candidate with the last candidate. The comparison of the shortlisted recoding can also be done if the recruitment process of the same position is carried out by many recruiters.

    Additionally, the video can be audited to ensure that all recruiters and hiring manager are carrying out the interview sessions accordingly and shortlisting the most suitable candidates without any discrimination and based on merit, if the company is practicing diversity and inclusive.

    Personally, I may need to replay the recording to analyze the candidate’s passion on the interviewed position, and also behavior that may be overlooked during the live interview session.

    – Yusri Saidin –