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  • Soo Kheng Han

    November 14, 2021 at 10:08 pm

    There are many reasons why vid-rec interviews might also be useful in evaluating the interviewer. First, it can be replay and watch multiple times how the interview process was conducted to evaluate the interviewer. From there, I would look at the body language of the interviewer during the interview process. The body posture of the interviewer is crucial not to create hostile environment and it is important to start a calm conversation before starting to ask interview questions. Second, vid-rec interview allows the interviewer to watch the process and look at how himself/herself carried out the interview. This is a valuable information to improve oneself and rethink how to improve or restructure certain interview questions that might be beneficial for the whole interviewing process. I would also listen carefully and analyze the ways the interviewer ask questions specifically the tone. Interviewer is the front-liner of the company, they are integral part of the company that recruit and hire people, so they have to communicate professionally and well-mannered.