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  • Stefanie Ng

    November 13, 2021 at 7:43 pm

    Q:Discuss the relative merits of internal versus external recruitment.

    What types of business strategies might best be supported by recruiting externally, and what types might call for internal recruitment?

    What factors might lead a firm to decide to switch from internal to external recruitment or vice versa?

    Both internal and external recruitment has its own merits.

    In a competitive business or industry- for internal hiring, organization would be able to tap into talents with existing knowledge in the same industry. This would also deter valuable resources to move out of the company and carries out their company specific knowledge to competitors.

    For a business which is expanding rapidly, it is wise to quickly tap into external hires with the same scope as they could well bring their experience in the same role and assist in the extensive hiring of resources without needing much guidance from higher management. For example would a Finance Manager being hired from elsewhere who is able to set up a department in the new organization.

    For a firm which usually prefers internal hires, they could switch to hiring externally if the skill sets they are looking for is new in the company. For example a new system being set up. In this case it would be wiser to bring in experienced external hires with practical experience to help the existing employees pick up these new skills faster.