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  • Stefanie Ng

    November 13, 2021 at 3:04 pm

    Q:Consider one of the organizations you have been affiliated with. What are some examples of human resource practices that were consistent with that organization’s strategy? What are examples of practices that were inconsistent with its strategy?

    In this company which I have been part of for 12 years, every year they would conduct a company wide survey as they aim to improvise how we work and to change on what doesn’t. As with the objectives of this exercise, we would be given about 30 questions which relates mostly on how happy we are at work and our suggestions to fix what is not. As with most employees, almost every year the top dissatisfaction would be centered around Rewards-salary packages, bonuses and increments. Even as employees has flagged this as their top dissatisfaction, the company has still not been doing anything about it-hence the high turnover in our company. I think this survey is futile as it costs the organization to engage a third party to conduct such surveys and yet they have not taken any actions of it and causing high turnover rates of employees. In the end these staffs have moved on to work for competitors and hence the company loses even more in monetary terms (taking clients away) as well as skill sets.

    On another note this organization has announced that we would now shift towards a full time work from home practice. To help employees in accepting this practice, we have been supplied with office equipment as well as home internet subscription. To me, this bodes well with their concept of “work from anywhere” policy.