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  • Hareeraja Thechina Murthy

    November 13, 2021 at 12:00 pm

    Firstly, my apologies for not answering the exact question, and thank you for highlighting the shortfall, Ms. Siti.
    The Covid-19 pandemic changes the consumer behaviour in purchasing and preferring online purchase. Although online purchases are already in practice before Covid-19 presence but it has become more active after Covid-19 presence. Products such as groceries items and clothes which consumers normally prefer to purchase directly from the outlets are now being purchased through online platforms. Even Work from Home has become a new norm that requires lots of software to coordinate remote working styles.

    Businesses should strategies themselves to Business Digitalization transformation. Most of the Malaysian companies has been using a lot of manual operation method which is their biggest challenge during the pandemic period for their respective operation. It has caused panic among these companies. Peer to Peer or Business to consumer (B2C) business shall migrate their businesses to online sales platforms where they can use the digital marketing concept to carry out their marketing strategies. Business to Business (B2B) is subjective when it comes to online sales or digitalized marketing migration because certain businesses still required face to face approach. However, the other platforms such as performance monitoring, payroll, meeting platforms, follow up and many other operation related matters can be digitalized. Generally, this reduces the cost of operation and is still able to sustain or grow the business which is essential in the current business situation.

    On the other hand, the government is now giving full grants and matching grants for such business digitalization through MDEC. Under MDEC there are many programs that could help the Business Digitalization strategies, such as Global Acceleration and Innovation Network (GAIN), Digital Transformation Acceleration Program (DTAP), and many more which can help the businesses to implement their business digitalization strategies.
    I hope this answers the question. Thank you, Ms. Siti.