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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    November 12, 2021 at 12:12 pm

    I agree with you Dr. Nowadays video-recording interviews getting more popular especially during this pandemic era. I have an experience in 2019 before pandemic on this kind of interview because the headquarter is based in Dubai. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job.

    What can I comment on this method is that the expectation from the interviewer is a bit higher. But it benefits the interviewer, which they can evaluate the staff by checking their experience and qualifications against their CV. And this method also allow in cutting cost and time consuming. Candidates will be more prepared on the session and can answer them peacefully rather than being nervous when meeting the interviewer in person. In addition, interviewer also can replay the session to ensure that they make a correct decision to the candidates. So now I can see the cons when performing a live interview (face to face), whereby when the interviewer met the candidates in person, they are not able to give 100% focus to that candidates.