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  • Vigneswary Ponniah

    November 11, 2021 at 9:51 pm

    What brands and products do you feel successfully “speak to you” and effectively target your age group?

    Shopee is my go to brand when it comes to online shopping.They have larger variety of products that serves all age group and communities.Tough lazada has been in the market earlier than shopee, i am more convenient to use Shopee due to its affordability and fast shipping.
    Besides, recently they have launched food vendor ” Shopee Food” which is a brave thing to venture in despite the strong and well known brands availabilities.

    Which ones do not?

    Lazada has failed to impress me due to their poor shipping services. Domestic shipping takes more than a week to receive.

    What could they do better?

    Poor customer skills . Customer representatives need to be trained to provide better solutions instead of offering for a refund /cashbacks.