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    November 10, 2021 at 9:58 pm

    External recruitment provides a firm a set of platforms to absorb potential employees outside of the firm. Unemployed potential employees who are not affiliated with the firm currently are chosen or hired. Firm will utilize job recruiter’s expertise to find and approach external job applicants. Employees taken outside from the firm could contribute vast new ideas and approach due to their nature of unique background prior to their current role with the firm. The new external recruit may have extra knowledge or technics to complete a certain task compared to employee who have been taken internally. This could benefit the firm with a fresh perspective of their business as usual. External recruitment allows a firm to look for possible candidates out of larger candidate pool. Increased number of potential recruits also increases the option for the firm to hire more qualitative employee. Since the firm can grab high quality recruits the firm also have an advantage to be well recognized in their respective market or industry. Increased high quality workforce, increases their brand value among their competitors. On the other hand, internal recruitment methods usually involve internal recruiting to find future candidates within the firm. Internal recruitment does not require help from third party recruiters. Leadership position could be given to existing employees since the hiring in charge knows the candidate strength, technical competencies, and leadership skills. These actions can be labelled as promotion which could boost the morale or the certain employee or team internally. Existing employees have the best understanding of business as usual of the firm and their colleagues very well. The hiring method would be very simple compared to external recruitment. The open position can be advertised to potential internal recruits by blasting internal emails. Sometimes, businesses hire employees to do temporary work. Temporary employees can be hired on full time, which is often referred to as temp to direct, or temp to hire. Hiring a temporary employee on full time often results in more hours worked, increased responsibilities, and higher pay. This also involves the client company having to pay a contract conversion fee to the recruiter for having sourced the worker. Hiring managers can test a temporary employee’s skills before onboarding them for full-time work. Internal recruitment gives employees within the firm the chance to grow or climb the rank within the organization without feeling demotivated. This step could help the firm with retention of their employees.