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  • Chandrasegaran Theetunni

    November 9, 2021 at 5:51 pm

    Lazada vs Shopee. Last 2 years during pandemic, most of my online shopping done using Lazada. As a parent there were many things, I turn to Lazada to buy in small quantity to avoid physically going shopping. It has wide selection of local and international sellers. Same delivery van/motorbike came to deliver and the delivery person remembered my name. Shopee might have cheaper delivery option but a few ringgit does not make much different. In my experience I found Lazada has better search result in google search and google ads with wider selections suggestions.
    Shopee, for me it has too much orange and red colour, Lazada has much more professional look and less cluttered. Also, Shopee annoying music & dance does not help, especially when they used Ronaldo, my football GOAT, in awkward dance ads. Probably Shopee is targeted to younger generation than myself. They should improve in mobile and web UI and google search results.