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  • Bachevinder Singh A/L Param Singh @ Bob

    November 9, 2021 at 5:23 pm

    I am currently attached to one of the MNC company and their values are “Every day, across the globe, we deliver excellence to our customer and colleagues. Our ability to serve them depends on an uncompromising commitment to doing the right thing and acting with integrity”.

    In my opinion, the values apply equally to all the employee within the organization. It describes the basic expectation for all of us, provides a framework for ethical decision making in complex situations, and identifies resources to whom you can raise your concerns.

    My current company also have its own HRM technology to guide strategy and better serve the need of their current business. The Malaysia BPS delivery platform is an internal platform for the employee which act as a tool and insight that they need to take the initiative and advance in our career (Some sort like internal Facebook account) This approach really helps everyone into the best position so that the organization can achieve its goals. There also are some activities conducted in the channel such as virtual games (cross word puzzles by the respective teams) so that everyone in the organization can get together in this activity although we are working from home.

    Practices that are not inconsistent with its strategy exist when a wide gap exists between HR strategy of an organization and what exactly is needed by the business strategy on HR management. Best example was in my previous employer whereby we need to standby 24 hours for any urgent issues (doesn’t matter it is 3am or 4am) as they call you, you need to switch on your notebook immediately. I still remember whereby I did not sleep for 2 days continuously (just a short nap) to get the reports done as per requested by the top-level person and it was a last-minute request. From here, my opinion is the employer should adhere to work life balance whereby they should not call the employee after working hours and no last-minute request should be given to employee instead of providing reasonable due date to the employee to submit it. I also strongly believe that this type of policies doesn’t apply to current Gen-Y populations and same goes to Gen-X as they would like to spent time with family after working hours.