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  • Yee Mei, Rachel Chan

    November 8, 2021 at 11:46 pm

    Jabra…my preferred headset for work and offwork. With working from home, joining or hosting meeting is very common for us in outsourcing IT company. I work with colleagues or clients from around the world, it is important that the connection good, clearly hearing other people without delay and I can response clearly to other people in calls.

    Recently, I received new wireless headset Evolve 65 which is the best so far. I would have to compliment the team behind for performing a good product development and market development. The cultural environment affected Jabra’s direction from wired to wireless headset. I still had the wired Jabra headset Evolve 20, which I considered very good until I experienced Evolve 65.

    They had succcessfully secure deal – provide latest wireless Evolve 65 for all employees in my company worldwide. They understand what our company’s business,our employees’ working environment and the demands require , with the products specifications. Each specifications meeting the business needs. Further expanding in this market development thru careful market research is really fruitful(as I can see). Indirectly, having higher market shares instead of targeting individual customers.

    I had Baseus Encok D02 wireless and foldable headset. I like the foldable design but I still prefer Evolve 65 in my daily use. Baseus still need to improve quality in term of ‘comfort feel’ when utilizing long hours. Baseus has recently made its name worldwide and this diversification very attractive for younger age group.