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  • Nurul Ajlaa Ridzuan

    November 8, 2021 at 11:34 pm

    The last survey I’ve participated is my company’s online Employee Engagement Survey. This survey has been conducted yearly by HR for employee to provide their feedbacks on current company culture and management interactions with the employees. The survey enquires employees to assess and rate their day-to day work experience satisfactions as well as rating the managers performance and ability to deliver their roles. The survey also covers enquiries on non-technical or the abstract aspects where employee can provide feedback on their level of mental and emotional health. There is also an optional open-ended section where employees can use to provide insights on improvements that can be implemented share their goals progress and future career aspirations for their managers to review. The results from the survey will then compiled and summarized by managers and will be presented to employees in a mass division/department meeting. All the issues and areas which received the lowest rate by most employees will then addressed and any additional individuals’ insights will then be shared anonymously and discussed generally.

    For me, the online survey is a good move and initiative by HR and management teams and much needed considering our company’s culture of flexible working where most of the employees are full time working from home. It is indeed a good tool for employee to communicate their online distance working experience and for managers to monitor the employees mental and emotional health while working remotely. However, in my opinion, the research could be done more effectively if the survey questions are customized and more personalized according to the departments instead of general questions for all company’s employees. This is because different departments may have different issues or technical areas which need managers considerations and actions. Even though a subjective open-ended question section is provided, most employees will probably skip to provide their insights to save time and quickly ended the survey. Some questions may also be irrelevant for departments with different working culture although the percentage might be small. I am also in the opinion that the research will be more effective if the discussion of results specifically for the subjective open-ended response provided by employees are addressed one-to-one by their direct managers or immediate supervisors with the respondents and not discussed generally in a mass meeting. General discussion will only provide one side of management’s side point of view as the respondent might not be able to counter or provide extensive opinion to remain anonymous.