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  • Nur Aina Azizan

    November 8, 2021 at 2:50 pm

    The last time that I participate in survey just recently which is Young Living survey. They conducted a survey to see the effectiveness of e-Newsletter . They tried to get an attention of the e-Newsletter which they might think some of the area can be improvise. Based on the survey I noticed that they actually try to get a feedback and what did customer expect from the e-Newsletter. What is the info needed and what is the improvement that they can amend or change. Indirectly with this survey they try to get the traffic for their marketing material. This method of survey is one of the effective way to get information from customer. It will be more interesting if the question is shorter and the selection is straight forward. I believe not everyone will be answering the survey honestly.

    As a suggestion, I think a better way to conduct a survey is maybe by giving some token for the time that the customer spend on it. A win-win situation are more helpful in this situation. Customer will feel appreciated with the time that they spend and they result of the survey will be more effective. In addition, maybe surveyor can attract people to join on survey by conducting a contest . As a part of their marketing cost , it might benefit them as well since they will get a lot of potential customer.