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  • Lai Foong Sern

    November 8, 2021 at 11:16 am

    Tradition interview is performed face to face between interviewer and interviewee at the same time and place. Reason of doing face to face interview allow interviewer to directly communicate, observe and evaluate interviewee performance on the spot. Interviewer can see the very first reaction and response of interviewee in the interview. Besides, interview process can be carried out in a more effective and efficient way because interviewer and interviewee are communicating together at the same time.

    However, due to technology advancement and especially now with covid-19, video-recording is getting more popular as this provide the convenience for both interviewer and interviewee where both parties can evaluate the video/self-record a video at his/her convenient time and place. Moreover, to prevent getting infected by covid-19, video-recording is more encouraged now as this can avoid physical contact between interviewer and interviewee. It is extremely useful because video-recording can be playback for numerous times to observe and analyse both interviewer and interviewee behaviour, attitude and response which may be missed out in a face to face interview. Additionally, video-recording can be served as a proof of what interviewer and interviewee did in the interview hence cannot be argued.

    In an interview, interviewer plays an important role because interviewer is the one who lead the interview and try to get the best outcome from interview. Consequently, video-recording can be used by organization not only to evaluate interviewee (usually the focal point) but also interviewer from different perspectives. From video-recording, organization can evaluate interviewer to make sure that interviewer is conducting the interview in a professional manner which include interviewer is explaining the job details correctly (eg. what employee supposed to do and deliver in the job and the expectation from organization etc), interviewer is asking the right questions that are relevant to the job, interviewer is asking effective questions that can bring the best out from interviewee from his/her response (questions that force interviewee to think, justify and explain) and so on. As a result, if I were to evaluate the video, I will look for the exact same criteria that I described previously in an interviewer.