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  • Kubendren Kathiravaloo

    November 7, 2021 at 7:49 pm

    Besides manages things like people management, managing operation costs, providing technical expertise, monitoring work process, checking quality, dealing with customers, measuring operational performance and others, it is their responsibility to implement the HRM practices. These is because Non-HR Managers plays Role of the front-line manager and deal with the staff directly compared to the HR managers. These Non-HR managers involved more in developing and implementing the HR practices. Below are the areas which have involved of the Non-HR managers in developing and implementing HRM practices:

    1)Innovative Recruiting & Selective Hiring: Non-HR Manager knows better on the required skills set and technical knowledge to interview the new Hiring. At the first stage in the selection process, helps to examine quickly and define best resumes among thousands of other ones. They help to recognize top candidates; check their skills with the simple test, without a necessity to read their resumes and help an organization make the right choice and employ people efficiently.

    2)Effective Training & Development: Non-HR Manager able to guide and motivate the employer to improve their skills for benefit of the organisation. Coaching and development help to accomplish two goals at once: the image of a company will be represented with the experts in relevant fields and their new ideas, non-standard strategies of business-development can boost income more quickly. Creating an IDP (Individual Development Plan) for and together with the employees helps to improve their professional skills and create a framework for the company’s quick development.

    3)Performance Appraisal: It is the systematic evaluation of employees’ job performance annually with the predetermined standards then compare with the actual performance and find the deviation, if arise, then communicate with them, to improve their skills for ahead. Improvements in performance is not possible by once in a year meeting instead performance must appraise frequently. There are different methods of performance appraisal; traditional method and modern method. 360-degree performance management is one the modern and best method to evaluate the performance of employees by their manager, colleagues, subordinates, and external contacts. Achieving a well-rounded and objective view of performance management from a range of sources (as every people have different perspective) and also helpful in addressing performance concerns in specific areas using this method. There are some traditional methods, that gives only rating to employee performance doesn‘t include feedback which must remove from the HR environment, as low rating can down the morale of employees

    4)Benefits That Retain Talent: Valued employees feel important members and have long stayed in the organization. Management can feel them valued by providing them various Incentives and performance-based bonuses. HR practitioners should endeavour to have rewards plans for employees as part of benefits packages. Acknowledging a staff member for an exemplary performance can be essentially termed as Employee recognition

    5)Employee Feedback Channels & Actionable Insights: By asking questions frequently can win the mind of employees just like ,before producing a product ask the opinion of customer what they actually need , likewise time to time an employer must take review from his/her employees and start by asking more questions to gain insights on employees, Create more on-the-job opportunities, feedback provide opportunities to employees for giving suggestion whenever they can. HR practitioner should conduct employee satisfaction services and implement feedback channels to keep them engaged and for best fitting them into organization

    6)Achieving Work-Life Balance (Workplace flexibility): Technology has made the work easier as people can connect from everywhere to anyone, empower the individual to maintain work life balance (peoplematters.org). By providing them flexible working hours and telecommuting options, training them to fit into organization culture. These functions provide engaging work environment which brings greater efficiency in their work and also able to devote their precious time to families. Workplace flexibility refers to people work according to their suitable time, meet the business needs through making changes to the time, location and manner whenever they feel. This flexibility provide assistance to not only employees but also organization as well. Cadbury company consider the best for managing people. It‘s not only the world‘s second largest confectioner, but it has also got the appreciable honour by putting its employees first. Since 1824 (Cadbury set up in this year) maintain the people and providing them engaging environment by giving priority to its humane is the philanthropic activity of the company which combines positivity and balance, among work and life. The survey which was named as Belong survey done with ITES companies with over 50 employees and the data was collected from around 3lakh women and found that Tech companies have only 26% women in engineering roles the reason behind that there is lacking of maintain work life balance, lack of support, family planning etc