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  • Lai Foong Sern

    November 6, 2021 at 10:06 pm

    In today’s rapidly changing world, non-HR managers are becoming more involved in developing and implementing HRM practices with HR managers because non-HR managers are the best person to help HR managers in the whole HRM practices. In my opinion, non-HR managers should be actively involved and aid HR managers in the whole HRM processes, starting from recruiting, interviewing, making decision to hire employee or not, assigned to the right job, training, counselling and rewarding employees.

    This is because non-HR managers are the one who work most closely with the employees and going to take care employees in their whole working career in the organization. Moreover, non-HR managers know exactly what skills, knowledge, personality, and attitude they are looking for in employees. By involving in the interview process, this can make sure that non-HR managers will get the best employees that fit the job requirements and has no problem to communicate with the employees. After that, by knowing the employees’ weaknesses, non-HR managers can provide the right training to them to improve/upskill them. If employees having any work related or personal issue, non-HR manager is the closest person to them to provide counselling and advices to help them. After employees contribute to organizations, non-HR managers need to conduct performance review with employees and feedback to HR department to reward employees accordingly.

    As briefly explained here, it is clearly showed that non-HR managers play an extremely important role in HRM practices. With non-HR managers and HR managers work as a team, this can help organization to look for the best employees thus improving organization productivity and help to achieve organization goals.