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  • Darmathan Francis Xavier

    November 6, 2021 at 1:38 pm

    I’m was affilate with Aeon almost 2 years. AEON always strives to develop and raise the level of competencies of its human capital through its recruitment programmes, trainings and career development plans. The Company seeks to benchmark itself against the best in the service industry. AEON continuously invests in systematic and organised trainings for all levels of staff in various areas of technical, operational and management disciplines, either in-house, external or with attachments to our af filiates in Japan. Potential staf f are further identified for leadership trainings to enhance their leadership and management capabilities in pr eparation for higher roles in future. Among others, AeON’s MTRT (Management Trainee & Retail Trainee) programme offers opportunities for fresh graduates to join retail industry and be part of AEON family . For its store and shopping centre managers, AEON Business School, an in-house training programme, was established in 2012 to further enhance their skill sets and equip them with more leadership and management skills. The Company’s STEP (Service Transformation for Excellent Performance) programme, a customer service culture initiative, is also currently on-going and aims to ensure that the customer service levels on its selling floor far exceed customer expectations. The culture is enhanced constantly through repeated practices and demonstrations in meetings and staff assemblies. In recognising the changes in labour market and to enable the Company to manage its human resources more ef ficiently so as to continue delivering the quality desired, the Company had in 2012 also embarked on a transformation of its human resource system and processes which are currently on-going.
    Compliance with the best practices in AEON code of conduct AEON’s Code of Conduct which have its basic principles in Peace, People and Community, are the set of values to which AEON adhere to in conducting its business and to which each and every AEON employee is trained to adhere to in carrying out their work and duties for AEON. AEON people constantly remind themselves of AEON Code of Conduct commitments through citations in meetings and staff assemblies.