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  • Jessy Ng

    November 4, 2021 at 7:20 pm

    A video-recording interview might be one that a candidate is asked to submit a pre-recorded video, answering a number of questions sent by the recruiter/interviewer, and that there is so actual interaction with the recruiter/interviewer in the process of interview. It can also be an online interview conducted on platforms such as MS Teams and Zoom, between the interviewer and applicants, which is recorded for information safe-keeping and quality monitoring purposes.

    Especially since the pandemic hit, organizations are no longer able to carry out face-to-face interviews. Also with the new norm of digitalization and remote working, video has become a core component in business and recruitment practices of an organization. In the context of the first type of video-recording interview, which is the pre-recorded video submission type, it allows the interviewer to assess the applicants faster and more thoroughly, giving them a better insight into the soft skills and personality of the applicants, compared to a phone interview. Applicants can also take their time to prepare and complete the video at their convenience. The downside of it is, it’s a one-way approach where applicants are not able to ask questions or interact with the interviewer.

    On the other hand, if the online video interviews are being conducted on a platform live, and is being recorded, it would be more similar to having a face-to-face interview, where there is two-way communications between the interviewer and applicants. With this, while the interviewer evaluates the applicant, the interviewer themselves can be evaluated for process improvement purposes as well.

    If I were to evaluate an interviewer, the basic general criteria would be their conversational ability, mental ability, sense of humour, and adaptability to social situations. However if I were to evaluate and interviewer on video, the first thing I would see is that if he/she designated a professionally suitable, quiet and well-lit space for conducting interviews. Nowadays most of the people uses the company designated backgrounds for online interviews and meetings, which is a good option for a video interview as well, to show professionalism.

    Evaluating an interviewer on video includes evaluating the questions they ask to the applicants, whether the questions are relevant to the role they are hiring for, or whether there are behavioral and situational questions that assess the applicants’ critical thinking and problem-solving ability. Some interviewers prefer unstructured interviews as they want to appear more casual and friendly, but due to it being unstructured, the effectiveness of the interview might be affected and they most probably will not make the best hiring decisions. Although it is good to make the applicants feel comfortable during the interview process so that they will be willing to share and elaborate more, which is useful for interviewer to judge their suitability to the role, there should be balance between professionalism and candidate experience.

    In the process of interviewing the applicant, it is important that the interviewer also highlight the company culture, explain about the role and responsibility of the position applied to, and paint a clear picture of what it’s like to work in the company. When applicants ask questions to the interviewer to learn more about the company and the role, interviewers should also be able to answer their questions in an honest and professional manner. Avoiding questions and side-tracking might bring bad impression to the applicants which would potentially affect their impression of the interviewer and even the company. Remember that recruiters and interviewers represents the company, and is part and partial of the branding mechanism.